KJB’s Ignominious Return to Play: 1989

8/20.  KJB made his first appearance on the FOP since 1980.  His absence did not improve his play any, turning in a mediocre score of 11 (slightly down from the 14 previously recorded in 1980).  However he did not forget how to attempt to cheat.  At #6 he hit TDB who was in position & then drove TDB by merely tapping the balls together.  When he took his foot off the ball his ball rolled more than 1″, but he insisted that he still had a second shot.  While TDB quietly asked that LEB be called out to consult, KJB incited DJB to pull TDB away from the area.  DJB pushed TDB and TDB’s mallet inadvertently hit DJB’s elbow.  While this illegal behavior on KJB’s part probably had no effect on the outcome of the game he is to be censured for turning son against father.


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