Ed Williams’ Return To Play: 1989


Ed Williams’ “self imposed” exile was not as “self imposed” as he might think.  How many G.M. champions have run for the hills over the last 7 years to avoid playing croquet with Ed?  Not for fear of losing, but because we did not want to embarrass a fellow Colfax member on the F.O.P.  We are all grateful that he finally rounded up the group of MGW, TCB & DJB to play against.  Wile they are all qualified players they are obviously “second tier” in G.M. hierarchy.  Ed did win two games in one day and we do not want to take away from this accomplishment.  However, we will be testing MGW, DJB, & TCB for drug use in accordance with GMR 6,7.3.2(a)iii.  By the authority vested in me, we waive the 5 year requalification rule GMR because Ed has a job.


[In the hand of DJB] I fine it arrogant and offensive that TDB would slander the names of DJB, TCB, and MGW.  On average, they each have three times as many wins as TDB in the ’89 season.  TDB has yet to win a game against any of these players in this season.  The record says it loud and clear!  Times are a changin’.

[Editorial note: it appears that the above was stricken from the record (because it was not signed), but then returned upon DBeeby’s signature]

One may say almost anything within these pages; but they must sign it.  It is also slander against the Commissioner of the G.M. in violation of G.M.R III C 2 (e) i.  TDB 9/2/89

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