Started in 1970 by the Beeby family, the Golden Mallet is an accolade coveted by many and earned by few.  In order to qualify, players must be “of an appropriate age” (aka “dry behind the ears”) and have competed in at least three official matches on the course of record.  The player with the best point-average at the end of the season sees his (or, less-frequently, her) name in golden letters on the green field of honor and earns the right to call himself “holder of the Golden Mallet”.

The course is housed near Chez Nous (the Beeby home near Bellaire, Michigan).  It has been described as “commando croquet” since the game is played in the rough.  The course is the stuff of legend, with wickets precariously placed atop roots and wicked little hills.  Timid players need not apply.

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  1. Kenneth Beeby says:

    Greetings –

    A great idea with no development. So much to be said and shown. So much NOT to be said and shown! What?!!… you have a job or family obligations that may be getting in the way of completion of an inspired project such as this?

    I will be watching you, but only to assure that this blog reflects that level of integrity for which the Golden Mallet stands.

    Good luck,

    Ken Beeby

    by droit de morale,
    Lord High Mucky-muck, Imperial Leader, etc., etc., A&IOoC