The Case of the Lifted Ball (or “the maple leaf meeting”)

With players [incomprehensible] noted on opposite page, it was discovered that DCB had, through plays of two opponents, been secreting his own ball behind his generously wide bottom, thereby allegedly preventing it being hit by the opposition.

Defendant objects and protests that all shots by opponents widely missed his [incomprehensible] and carefully noted Maple Leaf Mother.  Game broke up in a wild riot of malicious charges and counter charges!  Early ruling requested of “GM” Supreme Court.

1. HJB 2. DCB 3. Betty Beeby 4. P Beeby

[The following appears to be a ruling from the Court of the GM]

* Protest – KJB and TDB protest this alleged game by HJB for: 1) throwing mallet at his ball and stopping it after typical bad shot, 2) going through #6 when his ball was not all the way through aforesaid wicket, 3) other nefarious conduct unbecoming a contestant for Golden Mallet honors especially so considering his seniority (senility?)

It is recommended that HJB play 2 games with his eyes closed.  (Small penalty because that is his normal method!) (BS – HJB)

TDB (C.J.)
Concurring in opinion: KJB (J)

Protest #2 – HJB By seniority T.I.Q! (nuff sed!)

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