Don and Marty Return to the F.O.P.

On June 9 Don & Marty LeMessurier returned to the Field of Play after an absence of 14 years.  D. LeM. turned in his usual lackluster performance (12), but Martha played with flashes of brilliance and repeated her only 1982 appearance, which was a 25.  Martha also achieved another kudo of sorts by being the 2nd to hit TDB (see titles & honoraria at page 62-63 supra) into the lake.  This is the second time in GM play that a player has been hit in the lake–and both times it has been TDB!! and by a Colfax Auxiliary member!!  Martha’s changes of becoming the next Worthy Grand Matron have just declined considerably! [In the hand of TDB] (I can not improve on this bullshit! Even though it is true and I offered to put [TDB’s] clothes in the dryer!) — M LeMessurier

[Addendum in TDB’s hand…]
It is noted that M LeM. did not authenticate her win of 6/9/98 within 24 hours of the win and it is accordingly held for naught. GMR3.17.G(iii).



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