Golden Mallet Lore

[Date is believed to be around July 1, 1973, author unknown]

  • Prior to the commencement of games wherein former or current Golden Mallets are the only players, it is customary for all of these players to raise and cross mallets, in acknowledgement of shared, hard-won glory.  During such games, it is also customary to recognize historic shots with a blast on the “Horn of the Golden Mallet”.  These games are called “Penultimate Play”.
  • It is well-known among regular players that former and current Golden Mallets are vengeful.  Indeed, it is said that “a Golden Mallet never forgets or forgives being hit into the tall uncut”.

[Editor’s Note 2011 – it has become custom for all players, GM-winners or not, to cross mallets at the beginning of a game.  Since approximately the mid-90s, this has been a signal that the game is “official” and point-bearing]

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