Don LeM’s Great Accomplishment

6/14/98 on this day I (DBLeM) accomplished a major (I say modestly) triumph by successfully thwarting the game leader (MRLeM) who was about to go through wickets 13+14 by hitting RHB, utilizing 2 strokes to hit TRB alongside wickets 13+14. By placing my ball the requisite mallet head’s length I was able to place my ball in a manner such that it was touching MRLeM’s ball. Then, in order to “hit” MRLeM, I gracefully “golf shot” her ball towards the lake. From the new position of MRLeM’s ball, I was able to send her down the concrete walk [Grandma’s Folly] to the beach and on my second shot returned to the central field of play. This brilliant play had the effect of immediately equalizing the game and enable another participant to triumph. Though I did not win the game and notwithstanding the preceding protest, I proudly assert that my play was in the very highest tradition of GM and exceptional in its concept and execution.

[In TDB’s Hand]
In re: Protest of Martha LeM of this date. D.B.LeM had hit M. LeM and was about to hit her toward the lake when TDB realized that in so doing he very probably would have done permanent damage to wicket #15 “the last wicket”. In desperation to save this hallowed relic otherwise known as the “victory arch” he allowed the wicket to be removed during D LeM’s shot. M LeM in her blood thirsty quest for victory at any price protested. Our duty to the ages requires us to hold her protest for naught. So ordered.

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