How the FOP, Even Old #5, Renews Our Spirits!

6/13/97 – TDB came upon LEB shuffling disconsolently [SIC] off of the F.O.P. and he asked gently what was wrong. In a weak + trembling voice she said she had been practicing the side wicket (Old #5) and did not have the strength to make it.

TDB decided to hold a[n] unscheduled “trick shot clinic” and selected at random a ball + mallet + proceeded to Old #5 with the W.G.M. (Worthy Grand Matron) in tow.  After several practice shots to get the “feel” for the wicket TDB put it thru 4 times in a row + then proceeded to instruct the WGM in its seasonal intricacies.  She missed the 1st 5 but made the next 3 in a row. SHe marched off the FOP with as much quickness in her step as an 86 year old with a broken bone in her foot could muster!  Another example of the FOP renewing a new spirit within us!

[in TDB’s Hand]

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