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5/12/85 Bellaire Michigan

In the 1st game of 1985 season, TDB led the field of play against DJB & LEB.  After his victory, TDB said: “I took last year off from GM competition because I wanted to give others a shot at the glory and a chance to win the Golden Jacket.  I did play on several small tournaments in Europe and South America, but quite frankly, the fields of play and level of competition were not up to par with our home course at Chez Nous.  I’m seriously considering the franchising of GM courses

“I’m looking forward to winning the Golden Mallet for the 5th time this year – which is the 15th season of Golden Mallet play.”

TDB is the four time winner of the Golden Mallet, member of the Golden Mallet Hall of Fame (only member), Holder of the Golden Mallet Shot of the Year Award, Grand Master of the Golden Mallet, Chief Justice of the Court of the Golden Mallet, General Manager and Director of Player Operations for the Professional Golden Mallet, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman of the Board and Commissioner of the Golden Mallet.

Beeby also said that, “GM competition teaches our youth sportsmanship and humility”.


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