Cowardice After the Mallets Crossed

A game with probably more controversy then any in recent memory.  It culminated in a come from behind victory by TCB while DJB had been through both final wickets & was attempting to hit the stick.
This brilliant victory was marred by the first occurrence of cowardice on the field of play.  This is most disappointing; especially since it involved a multi-time winner of the G.M.  When RHB, after crossing mallets, and after realizing that Ed & Martha Williams were going to participate in addition to TRB, TDB, TCB, & DJB, [he] left the field of play & refused to participate.  This is not like going out in the woods or boat when one realizes that a challenge by real competitors is at hand — this was putting one’s mallet between  his legs after the challenge was issued & accepted & after mallets were crossed!  It is my sad duty to find RHB guilty of “Cowardice After the Mallets Crossed” and to award him a score of zero (0) in the game.  Forfeiture of other honors will be considered in the future.  It is sad that TCB’s brilliant victory is overshadowed by this treacherous act of cowardice by RHB!

[Unsigned, but in the hand of TDB]

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