On Submission of Names to the Rolls of Golden Mallet

1996 Golden Mallet

26th Year of the Mallet, 83rd Year of the Cottage, 74th Year of Colfax

Notice of enactment – Effective Jan 1 1995
G.M. Rule Submission of Names to the Rolls of Golden Mallet – (d) Effective this date the penalty for submitting an incorrectly spelled name to the Master of the Rolls is:

  1. 25 points for the last name
  2. 10 points for the middle initial
  3. 15 points for the first name

(e) Re-issue of the G.M. certificate – Cost of
(1) The cost for re-issue of a Golden Mallet Certificate is as follows:
(a) Lost – .50 cents submitted in SASE to G.M. Headquarters
(b) Misspelled name – $20.00 submitted in SASE to GM Headquarters (see G.M Rule supra.

[in TDB’s hand]

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