It’s Bullshit to Have to Hit the Stake Twice

Not many protests have been made recently, so I will have to make one.  I think it’s bullshit to have to hit the stake a 2nd time when you’ve already hit it once.  You don’t have to at the end then why in the middle?  This rule started when DJB made the mistake of asking LEB whether we had to or not.  Keep croquet’s old rules, don’t bring in new ones that insult professional players and extend the playing time.

[In KAG’s hand]  I would have to agree with TCB.  If you’ve already proven your ability to hit the stake why should have have to do it again?  In fact, one’s ability to accomplish two wickets & a stake in one shot should be celebrated, not doubted.  This bullshit is not worthy of GM status.

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