Nomination for S.O.T.Y. 1990

[In DJB’s hand] Nomination for S.O.T.Y.! On this sixteenth day of the month of June in the year 1990 John Hartman made a shot thought worthy of nomination for shot of the year!

Description of shot: shooting for #13 John was shooting from ~20 feet south of the wicket.  DB was in position to shoot #13 and John hit DB’s ball from his lie.  JH knocked DB’s ball from position and put his own ball through #13 (see fig #1)

JH went on to win the game.

[In John H’s hand]  The actual distance of this shot may not be questioned as it was measured by DB.  I thought it was a fine shot and I hereby accept my shot’s nomination as SOTY.  Thank you.

However, I also think it necessary to relate the pertinent playing conditions.

The shot was made at approximately 9:30 pm.  As any true woodser would realize, it is quite dark at 9:30 in mid June in the woods in these parts.  The course was raked just previous, so that I was not trying to [sic] fanagle anything cheap.  It was, inarguably, a great shot.
Respectfully included and verified,

JBH does his nomination no good by the “blowing of his own horn”.

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